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RC-LYXContinuous Hot Melt Machine

RC-LYXContinuous Hot Melt Machine

It is suitable to test and manufacture of union dyeing process of rolling chemical drying and baking.It is consist of Atmospheric Electrical roller,the infrared preheating unit,the middle drying unit and the bake unit.It can be finished once with continual pressure inhale,infrared preheating,bake and hot fixing color.The reproduction and the accuracy are fine.It does not need to guide cloth with the structure of hanging pole.

Main Feature

Made of high quality stainless steel.It is not only anti-corrosive but also easy to be clean.There is the design of comprehensive insulating heat and conservation energy.

Rolling stick is made of Nitrite butane Rubber.

Step less speed regulator with frequency converter.

The vertical infrared per-baking unit can adjust the infrared illuminate distance.

Two boxes of hotly baking unit,two independent automatic controlling temperature with circulation.The hot wind distribution is even,stable and precise.

There is the automatic towering cloth installment.


Temperature Control Double TemperatureDouble control Roll Width 300mm
Temperature Range Room Temperature-250℃ Power parameters 380V/25KW
Temperature Accuracy ±2℃ Dimension 3300W*1200D*2700H(mm)
Speed Range 0.5-6m/min Weight 2500KG

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