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Notice:2021China (Shengze) International Textile Machinery and Printing Industry Exhibition
Date: 20-22 October ,2021
Exhibition hall: Shengze International Convention Centre
Address: About 140 meters northeast of Shengze Town Government, Guangzhou road, Wujiang District, Suzhou
Booth No.: 1001,1002,1003

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  • HTO Series High Temperature and High Pressure dyeing machine
  • HYO Series High Temperature and High Pressure dyeing machine
  • HJ series high temperature and high pressure dyeing equipment
  • HTB series high temperature and high pressure(HTHP) jet dyeing machine
  • HJW series high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine without guiding roller
  • HTC-3Kg single or Double Cylinder Dyeing Machine
  • HTK-5KG Super permeability color measurement instrument
  • HTC series electric heating dyeing machine
  • HTA-5~150 all-fit medium bath dyeing machine
  • Swing Colour Testing Instrument
  • Infrared dyeing machine
  • HTZ-24P tumbling infrared multi -cup machine with wide application
  • SW microcomputer-controlled revolving type dyeing sample test machine
  • RJ-1180 high temperature and high pressure(HTHP) dyeing machine
  • JY-12/24P normal temperature vibrating test machine
  • HS-12/24P high temperature color tester machine
  • HS-O small cylinder dyeing machine
  • HS-2KG ribbon dyeing machine
  • HT-150A/B frequent jet dyeing machine(A:steam heating;B:electric heating)
  • WE-1 Rope dyeing machine
  • Beam Cloth Cheese Tester
  • HT3~10kg yarn dyeing machine
  • HDF241B High-temperature and high-pressure package dyeing machine
  • P-A0、P-B0 small padder
  • R-3 automatic drying setting machine
  • 101A Electric blast drying box
  • HTR-800 pilot continuous infrared heat setting machine
  • HTR-600 pilot continuous infrared heat setting machine
  • RC-LDX continuous sample figuration machine
  • RC-MP3000 Magnetic sample printer

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Huaxia Technology Co.,LTD of Jingjiang county was founded in 2004,which is located in the beautiful Yangzi River delta—Jingjiang. Our company is specialized in r&d, dyeing and finishing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical equipment and water treatment equipment. The company was awarded the high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, won the honors of the national prototype technology research and development center in dyeing and finishing, private scientific and technological enterprise of Jiangsu province, Credit enterprise of Taizhou City, and passed the certification of the ISO9001 quality management system and CE security and bank credit rating AAA...

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Congratulates the successful conclu...

The automatic dyeing equipment manufactured by Huaxia Technological Company has attracted great attention from the industry. Through this exhibition, customers ...


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