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Introduction of cloth storage tank of overflow dyeing machine

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2021-12-04

There are three main types of cloth storage tank of overflow dyeing machine, compact O-type, U-type and tubular L-type. The most obvious advantages of O-type or U-type cloth storage tank are compact fabric stacking in the cloth tank and low bath ratio. The tubular L-shaped cloth storage tank can make the fabric loose and accumulate in a wavy shape in its pipe, and its advantage is to prevent the permanent wrinkle caused by the stacking of fabrics up and down.


Generally speaking, the larger the volume of the cloth storage tank, the more fabric processed, and the higher the production efficiency. However, if the cloth storage tank is too large, the fabric will stay in the dyeing tank for a long time (i.e. the cloth cycle time is too long), which is easy to cause the difference between the dyeing head and tail. Therefore, at present, the cloth storage capacity of a single cloth storage tank is generally controlled below 500kg / tube, and the length of light and thin fabrics is generally controlled within 1200m / tube, so as to control the cloth cycle time. The load of dyeing machine is usually increased by increasing the number of cloth storage tanks.


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