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Method of conventional yarn dyeing

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2019-08-31

Jingjiang Huaxia Technology Co., Ltd. develops, produces and sells high-quality yarn dyeing machines to continuously improve the dyeing and printing level. Today, our company tells you the conventional yarn dyeing method based on years of experience.

1. hank yarn dyeing——soaking loose skein in the vat of the yarn dyeing machine is the most expensive dyeing method.

2. Tube dyeing——The yarn dyed by the tube is wound on a holed cylinder, and then many cylinders are loaded into the dyeing vat. The dye liquid circulates. The fluffy effect and softness of the tube dyed yarn are not as good as that of the skeing dyeing.

3. Warp spindle dyeing—— is a kind of large-scale package dyeing. Warp spindle (warping) is made before shuttle fabrics are manufactured. The whole warp spindle yarn is dyed, such as combined sizing and dyeing machine and warp spindle yarn bundle dyeing. Because of the warp axis, it is more suitable for dyeing woven fabrics. However, with the emergence of the warp-axle drop, we can turn the dyed warp-axle yarns into bobbin yarns. This kind of dyed yarns can be used more widely. For example, most of the reduction dyeing methods used in indigo dyeing can be solved only by using the warp-axle dyeing. Without the drop of the warp-axle, it is very difficult to achieve.


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