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Types of dyeing and finishing defects often encountered in dyeing machine dyeing

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2022-04-09

In the textile dyeing and finishing production, due to many front and rear links, there are many factors affecting the dyeing and finishing results of the dyeing machine. In addition to the frequent color quality defects such as color difference defects, there are often other quality problems. Therefore, dyeing and finishing defects can be basically divided into the following three categories according to the phenomenon. 

Color quality: color difference, color unevenness (color flowers, color spots, color stains) and color fastness. Internal quality: fiber damage, loss of elasticity, warp and weft inclination, sparse and dense road, shrinkage, gram mass and door width size. Other quality aspects: stain of finishing agent, fuzzing and pilling, crepe printing crepe strip and substandard finishing.


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