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The main methods of dyeing fabrics with dark color

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2022-04-30

For fibers that are easy to dye, such as cotton fabrics, the main process conditions are reasonable and the dyes are selected correctly. Generally, there are no technical problems in dyeing medium and dark colors. For some polyester and nylon fabrics with high requirements, it is generally difficult to achieve dark color effect in dyeing machine dyeing, such as extra black polyester, it is necessary to dye dark and light colors with special dyeing methods.


We can start with the pretreatment of dyed fabric. Effectively improving the dye uptake is one of the means to achieve dark effect, and the improvement of dye uptake is closely related to the affinity of fiber to dye, fabric structure, surface condition and so on. We can also start with fiber modification.

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