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Do not tamper with dyeing machine at high temperature

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2022-01-08

The dyeing of the fabric in the dyeing machine, the temperature is more than 100, the dyeing machine will produce pressure, at this time can not be used to wipe the wet cloth, because the glass is affected by the temperature difference, will produce intense thermal expansion and contraction, so that the collapse, and even cause a major accident. In addition, when the bath ratio is adjusted, the upper and lower ends of the cut-off valve should be closed in time.

If you need to operate the dyeing machine, you must close the steam valve and interrupt the heat source after high temperature and high pressure dyeing. Then open the step-down valve and wait for the pressure to drop to 0MPa and the temperature in the dyeing machine to drop below 85before opening the cover. If these conditions can not be met, can not forcibly open the cover, otherwise prone to danger.

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