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Differences of various dyes used in dyeing machines

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2021-12-11

The dyes used in the dyeing machine of woven fabrics are different.

There are basically four kinds of dyes, mainly reactive (also known as reactive dyes) and Shilin (also known as reducing dyes). Among them, the color fastness of Shilin is better. But one thing is very important. One dye cannot cover all chromatograms. Some colors can only be made with one dye, such as navy blue, which can only be made with reactive dyes. The chromatography of Shilin is mainly medium light color.

There is another kind of paint, which fades badly after washing, and is often used by guests who pursue the old feeling after washing. Color fastness is very poor before washing and acceptable after washing.

There are also sulfur dyes, which are basically eliminated. They are used for black corduroy, have poor color fastness, and have a strong corrosive effect on cotton fibers. Over time, the tear strength is very poor.


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